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Painting Tutorials

This page will be used to track my progress on Project Space Marine, a space marine army where the entire force organization chart will be filled, and each model will come from a different chapter. That is over 150 space marines, and over 150 different chapters!  Yes, I am crazy.

You can read about the organization of this force in the following posts:

HQ & Elites
Fast Attack
Heavy Support
Troops pt 1
Troops pt 2

As I finish a specific chapter, I'll list it here with a link to a tutorial showing how I painted it.

Angels Porphyr 

Angels of Vengeance

Dark Sons

Heralds of Ultramar

Imperial Castellans

Praetors of Orpheus

White Templars

Keep an eye out for your favorite chapter!  If you have a chapter that you'd like to see painted up, send me an e-mail at  I'm open to suggestions!