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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tutorial - Dark Sons

The Dark Sons use the following GW paints:

Orkhide Shade
Knarloc Green
Gretchin Green
Thraka Green
Badab Black
Astronomicon Grey
Skull White
Dheneb Stone
Gryphonne Sepia
Devlan Mud
Bleached Bone
Mechrite Red
Blood Red
Charadon Granite
Codex Grey
A layer of Orkhide Shade is painted over the marine's right top quarter and left lower quarter.  Knarloc Green is then painted over this, leaving the darker color showing in the recesses.  Gretchin Green is then used to edge highlight the armor.  The armor is then given a wash of Thraka Green to deepen the colors and tie them together.

The white armor is given a wash of Badab Black.  Astronomicon Grey is painted over this, leaving the darker color to show in the recesses.  An edge highlight of Skull White is applied finally.

The eyes and purity seal are given a coat of Mechrite Red before receiving an edge highlight of Blood Red.  The chest eagle and parchment is given a coat of Dheneb Stone, followed by a wash of Gryphonne Sepia.  Bleached Bone is then used to edge highlight the details, and Devlan Mud is washed on to tie the colors together and deepen the details.


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  2. Amazing work! This couldn't have turned out better. The step by step instruction really helps to explain the need for colors and coats. (edited for spelling)

  3. Thanks! How do you like the format of this tutorial compared to the last few? Do you prefer the pictures in a series like this, or the individual pictures?

    I find that the series focuses on each color a little better, which I like. Hopefully, people get something of value from these tutorials :)

  4. Personally I like this format better. It makes it a lot easier to see what changes each layer of paint makes. This design is just awesome!

  5. Any ideas on what you're going to do next?

  6. On the desk now, I have a White Templars marine, and a Praetors of Orpheus marine.

    I'm blowing through the white-armored marines fairly quickly. I guess I should think about what to do after that.

  7. How many total guys are you thinking about painting up?

  8. 152 marines. I'll max out a force org chart, and lead it with an inquisitor. Rhinos and Drop Pods will be there as well.

    It took a while to find 151 different chapters of marines.

  9. A couple of the squads will be organized by theme. One squad will be made up entirely of fan-based chapters (with the sgt from the Emperor's Pointy Sticks chapter), and another made up of either cursed founding chapters (Minotaurs and Black Dragons) or chapters that turned traitor (Mantis Warriors and Soul Drinkers).

    I was digging through my bits box and came across almost 30 marines in some state of assembly and thought, "What the hell can I do with an extra 30 marines?" I found the parts to cobble together another 20 or so, and the idea just kinda snowballed from there.

  10. I'm planning to do some Dark Sons myself, so this is super helpful! I have two questions, though:

    1. What colors did you use on the boltgun?

    2. How do you quarter the paintjob on vehicles? Head-on or top-down?

  11. 1. The metal colors on the bolter are: Gunmetal Blue from Vallejo Model Color, Boltgun Metal from GW, Badab Black from GW, then Mithril Silver from GW. The GW colors have since been renamed, but there should be an equivalent dark and light silver, along with a black wash.

    2. On vehicles, I would paint a quartered paint scheme from the top down.

    Thanks for reading!