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Crimson Fists

Before I post my battle reports from the tournament last weekend, I thought I would run through my army.

I have been playing Crimson Fists since 3rd Ed.  The iconic red fists always appealed to me for some reason.  Their fluff also spoke to me; the tragic chapter that is fighting back from the brink of destruction seems really cool.  Around the same time that I started CF, my buddy started an Ork army.  The Crimson Fists are natural enemies of the Orks, so the rivalry would play itself out accordingly.  The fluff behind my particular band of Crimson Fists is that they are the remnants of a Crusade Company that was sent out after the Ork Waaagh! that was responsible for the destruction of their fortress on their home planet of Rynn's World.  The current rules I use to reflect this theme is the Black Templars Codex.  The zealous, in-your-face fighting style fits perfectly.

My Emperor's Champion leads this force.  I have the original Emperor's Champion model, from back when any Space Marine chapter could take one.  The model needed a bit of updating though, so I converted up a new one for this force.

The EC is joined to this Crusader Squad, which rides in this Land Raider Crusader.

The Venerable Dreadnought at the top has the Tank Hunter ability, making him very useful for hunting tough enemy armour.

These Terminators also have the Tank Hunter ability, and were originally used to take out light armoured targets like Ork Killa Kans, and Buggy squadrons, but are quite good at taking out armour of any variety.

A pair of Vindicators provide some up-close support.

Not pictured are two squads of Marines with Lascannons and Plasma Guns in Rhinos for some more long-range anti-tank, and serve as mobile objective grabbers late in the game.  Also are two Attack Bikes with Multi-Meltas, serving to harass armour and to contest objectives late in the game.