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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tournament recap

We had a tournament last weekend, using missions from the upcoming Indy Open.  Here's the breakdown:

Top 5 Generals:
1.  Dustin S. (Dark Eldar)
2.  Nate H. (Blood Angels)
3.  Scott K (ScottyDont-Vulkan Space Marines)
4.  Aaron A (Spaguatyrine-Space Wolves)
5.  Nik M (TheGraveMind-Blood Angels)

Top 5 Overall:
1.  Steve B (GeekProtem-Blood Angels)
2.  Scott K (ScottyDont-Vulkan Space Marines)
3.  Steve B (Imperial Guard)
4.  Aaron B (Deathwing)
5.  Aaron A (Spaguatyrine-Space Wolves)

Edit:  Here are the painting rankings:
1.  Steve B  (GeekProtem-Blood Angels)
2.  Edge T  (IG)
3.  Scott K  (ScottyDont-Vulkan Space Marines)
4.  Mark F  (Black Templars)
5.  Steve B  (IG)
6.  Aaron B  (Deathwing)
7.  John L (Sisters of Battle)
8.  Aaron A  (Spaguatyrine-Space Wolves)
9.  Brad S (IG)
10. Robert P (Steel Legion IG)

Since we only had 3 rounds instead of the Indy Open's 6 rounds, we had to use some of the tie-breakers that we normally use in our events.  The top generals were actually tied in points, but Dustin won on the tie-breaker.

Here are some pictures from the event:
Matt's Deffkoptas charge headlong into Robert's Chimera wall.
Steve's "Blood Angels" face off against John's Sisters.
Dustin's Dark Eldar dart across the field to crash into Brad's IG.

Ken's Grey Knights deep strike in to find only swift, melty death.

Edge's Vendettas torment Mark's Black Templars.
Steve's Rough Riders hide, er...ready themselves for Austin's Eldar.
Brad's IG hopes to do enough damage to Matt's Orks before the greenskins reach their lines.

Robert's Steel Legion dismount to try and overwhelm Aaron's Deathwing in close range fire.
Robert's IG hopes to bring down the two Deathwing Dreadnought making their way through some ruins.