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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Combat Patrol Coming Up!!!

We're just over a week away from the Combat Patrol Showdown! Make sure you double check your army lists and the missions. Last tourney was loads of fun, and this one is sure to be better. Spaces are filling up so reserve your spot TODAY!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Register NOW!!

I added a page at the top of the blog (just under the title bar) that you can click to register for the upcoming Combat Patrol Tournament.  I will be adding this feature to each event that we run for added convenience.

Thanks, and hope to see you all there.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Combat Patrol...

Hi everyone! Just a question for the masses...what would everyone prefer for the combat patrol tourney: 5 or 6 Games? I think either is possible, so what do the players want? I'm also going to go to GP South and see how many tables we could squeeze in. However, we will have to cap it somewhere, and given the interest at the Open, make sure you pre-register! Hoping for your input, and we'll see you there!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Upcoming Indy Event - 500 point Combat Patrol

What: 500-point Combat Patrol Tournament

When: Saturday, 31st March, 2012
            Sign-in starts at 9:30, Round 1 starts at 10:30

Where: Game Preserve South
               1551 East Stop 12 Road
               Indianapolis, IN 46227
               About 1/2 mile north of the Greenwood Park Mall on US 31

Who To Contact:  to sign up, send an email to: with the following information:
  • your name
  • an email address where you may be reached
  • what army you will be playing 
  • If you want to pre-register via PayPal, let me know in your email and I'll send you an invoice.  Otherwise,  you can pay at the door.
  • The cost will be $10.
More Details:

FOC Chart is modified as follows…
1-6 Troops
0-1   HQ*
0-1   Elite*
0-1   Fast Attack*
0-1   Heavy Support*
  • 1.)    You may ONLY take 1 non-troop unit for each Troop Selection on the FOC. Only Troops are SCORING UNITS, as per the rulebook.
  • 2.)    No 2+ Saves (of any kind)
  • 3.)    No invulnerable saves (unless the model does not come with an armour save.  Also, Sisters of Battle will be allowed.)
  • 4.)    No psychic powers may be used.
  • 5.)    No Monstrous Creatures
  • 6.)    No model other than troops may have more than 2 Wounds.
  • 7.)    No ‘unlockable’ troop units may be taken.
  • 8.)    No Vehicle may have a combined armour sum more than 33 (adding front, side, and rear values)
  • 9.)    No Ordinance weapons
  • 10.)  No Special Characters (If in doubt, leave ‘em out)
Tournament will be 6 games, 1 hour each.
Special Rules:
  • Nominate a ‘leader’ of your army. This will your HQ choice (if you have one), or the model with the highest leadership. If more than one model shares the highest leadership, nominate one to be your ‘leader’. (This is for assassination missions)
  • You must select one STRATEGIC ASSET at the beginning of the tournament. This MUST be told to the T.O. before game one. You do not need to inform your opponent of this asset until it is used. It may be used ONCE during the entire tournament. (You will be given a token at check-in. Return it after the game in which it is used) You may only use your Strategic Asset AFTER DEPLOYMENT (including scout moves), but BEFORE TURN ONE.
  • Strategic Assets: 
  • 1.)    Flash Bomb – Night fight is used for turn one.
  • 2.)    Smoke Bomb – Place the large blast template anywhere on the board. Scatter it 2D6 in a random direction. For game turn one, this template blocks line of sight. It may be moved through. It has no other effects on units other than blocking sight through it.
  • 3.)    Arsonist – Nominate one piece of area terrain to be on fire. For Turn game turn one it counts as dangerous terrain.
  • 4.)    Nitrous – One vehicle (including walkers) may add 6 inches on to their movement on the first turn of the game. They may not shoot, assault, embark or disembark units, tank shock, or ram. (Smoke launchers may be used) However, due to the extra speed, any dangerous terrain tests must be made on 2D6. A roll of a 1 on either die will cause an ‘Immobile’ result as well as any other effects that would normally occur.
  • 5.)    Sprint, not Verizon – Your wireless communications are excellent. You may add or subtract 1 to all reserve rolls this game.
  • 6.)    Tactical Advantage – After deployment and scout moves, you may re-deploy D3 units in your army.

Mission #1: Modified Seize Ground
Deployment: Spearhead.
Place One objective in the center of the board. Roll for table quarter to deploy in. After picking quarter, but BEFORE deploying, each player places one objective in the neighboring quarter on your same long board edge. These two objectives must be at least 12” from the center objective.
Bonus Objective: Have one unit wholly in your enemy’s deployment zone at the end of the game.  

Mission #2: Victory Points
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Bonus Objective: Hold any piece of terrain outside of your deployment zone uncontested.

Mission #3: The Big Red Button
Deployment: Draw a line from one corner of your table edge diagonally to a point 24" from the opposite corner.  Place an objective in the center of the table. The winner is the player who holds this objective at the end of the game.
Special Rules: Instead of Shooting, any unengaged scoring unit that is holding the objective, with at least one model in base contact with the Big Red Button , may push it. Roll a D6:
  • 1.)    ON FIRE!: Roll the scatter dice. Place a flamer template in the direction of the arrow. On a ‘HIT’, the controlling player may choose. All models under the template take a Strength 4, AP- hit. 
  • 2.)    Tremor: Pick an enemy unit, on a 2+ they count as being pinned.
  • 3.)    OUCH! : The model in base contact takes a strength 3 hit.
  • 4.)    Dakka-dakka: The model in base contact is treated as having a big shoota this turn.
  • (Strength 5, AP5, assault 3, 36” range)
  • 5.)    WTF! : The model in base contact must take a leadership test at -1. If failed, the model (not the unit) goes mad, and immediately breaks from his unit and falls back as if broken. He may not regroup, but treats any ranged weapon he may have as an assault weapon.
  • 6.)    Click-Click, KABOOM! : Beginning Rolling for every piece of area terrain, in any order the controlling player chooses. Stop rolling once a 6 is rolled, or every piece of terrain has been checked. If a 6 is rolled, that piece of area terrain explodes and is removed from the board. Any unit inside that piece of terrain is immediately flung 2D6 inches in a random direction. Units will not land in impassable terrain, or within an inch of enemy models, simply place them as close as you can.  (On a hit, they stay put) If any models are thrown off the board they count as destroyed. Any non-vehicle unit flung in this way must then take a pinning check.
Bonus Objective: Press the button more than once.

Mission #4: Capture and Control
Deployment: Spearhead
Bonus Objective: Assassinate your enemy’s ‘Leader’.

Mission #5: Variable.
Secretly choose one mission and write it down. After deployment and scout moves, but before any seizing the initiative attempt, reveal your objective to your opponent. Your objective is to both achieve your objective, and deny your opponent his.
  • 1.)    Table Quarters – have more points of SCORING UNITS in a quarter to claim.
  • 2.)    Center Objective – Hold the center objective uncontested.
  • 3.)    Annihilation – Destroy ALL of your enemy’s SCORING UNITS.
Bonus Objective:  Achieve your objective AND your opponent’s.

Friday, March 2, 2012

I'll be one of the paint judges at the Indy Open tomorrow.  I will be tweeting from the event.  If you'd care to follow along, click here, or search for #IndyOpen.

Old Stuff Day

Today is Old Stuff Day, a day where we dig out some of our favorite blog posts from the past and give them some time in the spotlight.

I finished some chapter badges on a few models.

A few extra finished marines.

Heralds Of Ultramar painting tutorial (also works for Ultramarines)

I wax nostalgic about my 3rd Ed. Tyranid army.

I hope you enjoyed these blasts from the past.