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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tutorial - Heralds of Ultramar

The Heralds of Ultramar use the following GW colors:

Mordian Blue
Ultramarines Blue
Skull White
Asurmen Blue
Charadon Granite
Codex Grey
Badab Black
Mechrite Red
Blood Red
Iyanden Darksun
Bad Moon Yellow
Devlan Mud

For the armor, I started with a coat of Mordian Blue.  Ultramarines Blue was then painted over this, being sure to leave the darker color showing in the recesses.  Ultramarines Blue was mixed with Skull White 50/50 and used to highlight the edges of the armor.  A wash of Asurmen Blue was applied to tie the colors together and to deepen the recesses.

The shoulder pad trim and chest eagle were given a base coat of Iyanden Darksun.  Bad Moon Yellow was used to edge highlight these parts.  A wash of Devlan Mud was applied to the recesses, being sure not to get any on the highlights.  The eyes and lenses were painted with Mechrite Red before being highlighted with Blood Red.  The armor joints, hoses, and head scanner were painted with a coat of Charadon Granite.  Codex Grey was used to highlight the edges.  A wash of Badab Black was applied to these areas to tie the colors together and to deepen the recesses.