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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Greatcoats are here!

After some unfortunate shipping issues with their Chinese distributor, Wargames Factory has shipped out their Greatcoat Troopers.

These models look really cool, and would look great in any IG army.  The feel of the models is very similar to the Death Corps of Krieg, although the detail of these models is nowhere near that of Forge World.  Although, you get 18 troops in the box for only $19.99.  A gamer who wants a different look to his army without spending a ton of money will be happy to add these models to their collection.

Wargames Factory has plans on expanding the Shock Troops line of models, although there is no word as to what exactly we can expect in the future.

I was a little disappointed by the level of detail on these models, but I think it's because I've been spoiled all these years by GW models and have pretty high standards.  Still, the models look great and will add a lot to any sci-fi game table, 40k or otherwise.  I painted one of these models up for fun.  I had imagined these guys to be like a Vostroyan Storm Trooper, and that is what dictated my color scheme.


  1. They do put me in mind of Assault Kommandos a little bit...Do you have any "unfinished" dudes to compare this guy to?

    I like the coat dredge and snow a lot.

  2. Interested to know what part of the detail you thought wasn't as good as GW? Obviously, hard plastic can NEVER be as detailed as resin like Forge World does (you can't bend a steel mould to extract the piece with all those undercuts like you can with resin!) - but are there specific areas where the detail is less defined? Or is it that GW detail is "chunkier"??

  3. @Loquacious: I don't have any unfinished guys to compare to. You could probably find some on the Wargames Factory website. I'll be using the rest of the sprues as givaways here in the coming weeks.

    @anonymous: The model overall looks really good. The detail in the mask is fantastic, as is the detail on the gun. The detail on the hands (which are almost as big as the head), and the detail on the armor and shoulder pads left a bit to be desired. This could be because I've gotten used to the GW aesthetic of what armor should look like, and Wargames Factory may have been trying to steer clear of that.

  4. He does look sort of "plain" compared to GW guardsmen, but I think the finished product has a good look to him. You might even be able to take bits from some of the other Guard plastic kits and spruce them up a bit. Size-wise, how does he compare to a Cadian?

  5. @Shane: The Greatcoats do not come with bases of their own, but they have molded-on bases. I put this model on a 25 mm GW base. On this base, they are the same height as the new plastic Cadians.

  6. I got a box, I like the kit a lot but it is not perfect. Green stuffing helps fill those shoulder gaps well and allows for more poses, etc.