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Friday, August 13, 2010

Tutorial - Angels of Vengeance

The Angels of Vengeance will use the following GW colors:

Codex Grey
Badab Black
Orkhide Shade
Dark Angels Green
Mechrite Red
Blood Red
Devlan Mud
Dheneb Stone
Bleached Bone
Charadon Granite

*I also used the color Black Grey from Vallejo's Model Color line.  If you can't get this (but I recommend you do-it's awesome), you can mix Charadon Granite and Chaos Black 50/50.

Over a black-primed model, I painted the armor Black Grey, being careful to leave some of the black paint showing in the recesses.  Codex Grey was used to apply an edge highlight.  Badab Black was washed over this to tie the colors together and bring out the details.

The armor joints, power cables, and hoses were painted with Charadon Granite.  Codex Grey was used to give an edge highlight before being washed with Badab Black.  The purity seals, eyes, and a diagonal stripe on the right knee pad were painted with Mechrite Red and highlighted with Blood Red.  The parchment was given a coat of Dheneb Stone.  Devlan Mud was washed over the parchment and the purity seal.  The parchment was highlighted with Bleached Bone.  The remaining black areas on the right knee pad were painted with Orkhide Shade, then highlighted with Dark Angels Green.


  1. This is a fantastic model. I really like the highlights on the shoulder pads, breastplates and boots. Very well done!

  2. Great tutorial, the black turned out really striking.

  3. Thanks guys. What I like the most about this method is how easy it is. Black can be a really difficult color to make look good, and this has some depth and shading that you can see from across the table.

    An army of these guys would look sick.

  4. I'm more impressed with each model you make.