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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Project Space Marine Breakdown: HQ & Elites

I thought I'd talk a bit about Project Space Marine and how I plan on organizing such a force.

For those of you reading the blog for the first time, Project Space Marine is an army that I'm working on consisting of 151 Space Marines, each one from a different chapter.

The story behind the force is that it is an arm of the Ordo Xenos, a sort of Deathwatch-in-training force.  It will be led by an Inquisitor with a Librarian as the 2nd HQ.  I enjoy painting single models that don't necessarily belong to any army that I have, and I wanted a way to have an army of random single models.

All 17 Force Organization slots will be filled with infantry.  The chapters that I have found particularly interesting or inspiring will be placed in the more elite squads or hold a higher rank in the tactical squads.

The top of the force will look like this:

Librarian - Blood Ravens

Terminator Assault Squad:
-Imperial Fists (sgt)
-Aurora Chapter
-Brazen Minotaurs
-Crimson Guard
-Dark Angels
-Doom Legion
-Eagle Warriors
-Flesh Eaters
-Hawk Lords
-Imperial Harbingers

Sternguard Vet Squad:
-Crimson Fists (sgt)
-Angels of Fire
-Angels of Redemption
-Angels Sanguine
-Disciples of Caliban
-Dusk Raiders
-Golden Gryphons
-Imperial Stars
-Red Scorpions

Sternguard Vet Squad:
-Storm Wardens (sgt)
-Angels of Absolution
-Angels of Iron
-Angels of Vigilance
-Death Knights
-Fire Lords
-Guardians of the Covenant
-Iron Knights
-Sons of Orar

In my next post, I will cover the Fast Attack section of the force.


  1. The Dusk Raiders was the Pre-Heresy name for the Death Guard, so you might not want to use those.

    Watch out for the War Hounds, and Luna Wolves, those where the pre-heresy names for the World Eaters and the Black Legion.

  2. Sounds like the old idea of a Space Marine crusade, where forces from various chapters join together for a particular objective.

    One feature of crusades is that all members wear a campaign/crusade badge somewhere on the armour (often the lower leg). The badge is also added to vehicles and provides some means of unifying what is otherwise a very disparate looking army (basing being the other main method).

    You might also want to think about using the badge for any squad or other banners the army includes (after all why would a Son or Orar be bothered about a Crimson Fist banner? But they might be bothered about the banner of the crusade to which they have sworn loyalty).

  3. Interesting project - agreed on some of the chapter names as well - a little bit of record expunging needs to go on...

    I'd be interested to see some pictures - i've been tempted by a similar porject in the past!!!

  4. Good luck with this. I've toyed with a multi-chapter army before, but divided by squads, not individuals! Should be a very impressive feat.

  5. @CaulynDarr: Good eye. There are a couple of chapters that have changed their name or turned traitor or some other story (the Fire Hawks and Tiger Claws spring to mind). If I like the color scheme enough, I'll come up with a reason to keep them.

    In the case of the Dusk Raiders, I really liked the color scheme, so they stayed. I imagine him to be a long, lost remnant of his legion that has been in the service of the inquisition for a very long time.

    @Lloyd: take a look around the blog, there are tutorials for all the chapters that I've finished to date (only around 5). You can also click on the "project space marine" tag in the column on the left, and it will direct you to all the posts on this topic.