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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dust Warfare BatRep

by Jason

This week, I went to Luke's house to play on his lovely board.

The terrain is highly detailed and has a strong theme tying it all together.  It was a blast to play on.  The roofs can be removed from every building, and all the levels separate for ease of play :)

We played the Eliminate the Enemy mission (like Kill Points in 40k).  He played his Allies, made up largely of units from the starter set with the addition of a heavy walker, the Fireball.  The force mainly consisted of close-range units with some jump infantry to provide some close combat damage.
I was playing Axis, with a force consisting of several long range shooting units with some Zombies, Heavy Flak Grenadiers, and a Sturmpioniere squad for close support.
I deployed my lighter infantry to one side of the building directly across from the Fireball, with my Heavy Laser Grenadiers and Heavy Flak Grenadiers on the other side.  The idea was to surround the heavy walker and attack it from the rear, where it does not get to roll its armor dice (everything gets to roll its armor value in dice to attempt to cancel out incoming damage - the Fireball has an armor value of 7, and would be VERY difficult to damage).

My snipers were able to take out most of his units that were caught out in the open, but his Heavy Assault Squad led by Rhino were able to get the jump on them from behind cover.  These guys are like Assault Marines with twin power fists going up against Guardsmen with knives.  The combat was swift.  The Heavy Assault Squad then proceeded to jump down and charge both my medium walker and Heavy Flak Grenadiers, wiping both of them out.

His Fireball and Hellboys command squad were able to destroy all the Zombies and hold off the Sturmpioneres and Heavy Squads and began to retreat.  In one fateful turn, I went from leading by 2 Superiority Points (a generic term for the victory conditions - in this case, it was Kill Points), to being down by one with no way to gain any more.  With their heads hanging low, my troops fell back and retreated to fight another day.


  1. Very cool looking board!

  2. I can't take credit for the cool-looking board. Luke has had the terrain for a while, but scheduling conflicts had been keeping us from playing on it until then. The heavy amounts of terrain were great for playing a close-up game like Dust.