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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hobby Update - Dust Warfare and Painting Club!

Last weekend, I took the daughter to the local store for painting club, a group of painters who get together and paint (as the name suggests).  It had been a while since she had shown any interest in painting her Blood Angels, so I was happy when she asked to go.

I worked on some of my new Axis models for Dust Warfare.  Most of my models wear heavy armor, and I worked on the cloth parts of their uniforms.  I spent most of the time working on the camo scheme of the Sturmpioniere.

I used a method that I read in a BOLS article.  Being out of Devlan Mud, I remembered an article that I had read that compared Army Painter's Strong Tone Ink.  I think that the Army Painter is a great stand-in for the old Devlan Mud wash from GW, although it is a bit more opaque.  I may have to water it down in the future.

I got a box of goodies from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  It's mostly for some basing projects in the future, but there are some washes that I'll be trying out on the Storm Lords very soon.

Also this week, I got in my first game of Dust Warfare, which I really enjoyed.

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