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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Project Space Marine Breakdown pt.4: Troops

For those of you reading the blog for the first time, Project Space Marine is an army that I'm working on consisting of 151 Space Marines, each one from a different chapter.

The story behind the force is that it is an arm of the Ordo Xenos, a sort of Deathwatch-in-training force.  It will be led by an Inquisitor with a Librarian as the 2nd HQ.  I enjoy painting single models that don't necessarily belong to any army that I have, and I wanted a way to have an army of random single models.

All 17 Force Organization slots will be filled with infantry.  The chapters that I have found particularly interesting or inspiring will be placed in the more elite squads or hold a higher rank in the tactical squads.

The first 4 Tactical Squads will be made up of the following chapters:

Tactical Squad 1
-Ultramarines (sgt)
-Angels Porphyr
-Angels Encarmine
-Blood Swords
-Emperor's Hands
-Genesis Chapter
-Iron Fists
-Masters of Proteus
-Red Hunters

Tactical Squad 2
-Howling Griffons (sgt)
-Angels of Vengeance
-Brotherhood of a Thousand
-Emperor's Hawks
-Heralds of Ultramar
-Imperial Castellans
-Iron Lords
-Red Legion

Tactical Squad 3
-Iron Snakes (sgt)
-Angels Vermillion
-Emperor's Spears
-Heralds of Vengeance
-Knights of Gryphonne
-Red Talons
-Tigers Argent
-White Templars

Tactical Squad 4
-Star Phantoms (sgt)
-Avenging Sons
-Dark Eagles
-Dark Sons
-Emperor's Warbringers
-Imperial Paladins
-Knights of the Raven
-Red Templars
-War Bearers


  1. Did I already miss where the Black Templars will go? I'm not a big Marine fan, but those look really cool to me.

  2. The Black Templars marine will be the sergeant in the assault squad without jump packs (they will arrive via drop pod).