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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Combat Patrol...

Hi everyone! Just a question for the masses...what would everyone prefer for the combat patrol tourney: 5 or 6 Games? I think either is possible, so what do the players want? I'm also going to go to GP South and see how many tables we could squeeze in. However, we will have to cap it somewhere, and given the interest at the Open, make sure you pre-register! Hoping for your input, and we'll see you there!


  1. i'm always a fan of more games, but 6 might be too much once you factor in break times.

  2. Spag - 31st.
    Steve - with breaks and lunch, the last of 6 games would end at 6:30pm. Is that pushing time? I like more games too, but I'm more worried about peeps getting burned out.

  3. The schedule for 6 would be:
    game 1: 1000-1100
    game 2: 1115-1215
    lunch: 1215-1300
    game 3: 1300-1415
    game 4: 1430-1530
    break: 1530-1600
    game 5: 1600-1700
    game 6: 1715-1815
    awards: 1830 (6:30pm)

    what do you guys think?

  4. I think 5 is more reasonable. I like more games as well and with combat patrol they can go quick but I think 6 would be pushing burn-out!

  5. i think 6 games will work ONLY if the schedule is tight. 5 is probably safer and will appeal to more people, though.

  6. Then 5 it shall be. I'll bump lunch up to a full hour, and put 20 minute breaks between games. However, if we run ahead of schedule, we'll just keep movin'. Missions are up, and I'll be fielding any questions you may have. I will also try to put in any details I left out from before as to the gritty specifics on holding objectives and whatnot. Thanks for the input fellas!

  7. My opinion says you don't need 20 minutes between breaks but anything is cool!

  8. Any chance you could link to these mission please - I'm running a combat patrol tournie in May so the help would be appreciated!

  9. @anonymous: the link to the missions is in the previous post, found here:

    The info is for our tournament, but feel free to use it however you wish.