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Monday, May 2, 2011

April in Indy - a monthly review

Happy Easter!
Adepticon was this month, so there has been a cornucopia of gaming as of late (not by me, of course).  I did a special "best of Adepticon" post that you can check out here.  Lots of good stuff there, largely thanks to SandWyrm's efforts.

Archfiend inventories his Ork collection.  It's quite impressive.

CaulynDarr has a nicely coverted Dread Knight using Marneus Calgar.  Later, he looks at the current meta, and postulates whether all-mech is still the way to go.

Loki takes a look at the Space Marine Codex, and how it is beginning to show it's age.

SandWyrm rags on Kirby, and why he's bringing GW down.

Spaguatyrine guarantees that you'll win if you follow is easy 3-step Grey Knight program (it's not a Ponzi scheme, I promise).

There were a few battle reports posted this month, here's the run-down:
Uberdark showcases the tournament that he ran up in Kokomo.  He mentions another tournament in June, which I'm looking forward to attending.

Lastly, the Game Preserve North has changed their 40k night to Mondays.  I don't know what this will do to the scene at this store, but I may be able to make it up there on occasion.  I hear the 40k scene is pretty nice there, hopefully this will not disrupt that.

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