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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May in Indy - A Monthly Review

This month started out with a trio of interesting articles regarding list optimization.  Spaguatyrine's post talked about using units with similar function rather than spamming the exact same unit to optimize your army's utility.  Sandywyrm's post followed this up talking about learning the basics of army optimization before figuring out which of these rules a player should break in order to create an army that is unique to your playing style.  CaulynDarr capped off the discussion talking about finding balance between redundancy and utility

Sandwyrm brings up a potential tournament issue with Justicar Thawn from the new Grey Knights Codex.
Anonymous Foodie weighs in with his thoughts on Thawn here.

Farmpunk gives his thoughts about the Grey Knights after using them in a NOVA-format tournament.

TheGraveMind revises his thoughts on the Tyranid Elite section.

Spaguatyrine talks about playing against Daemons with Grey Knights.

Heretic expresses his frustrations about starting a Tau army in the face of the current metagame.

TheGraveMind shows off a new Tyranid Alpha Warrior.

NitroKitty has a good article about distractionary units.

Spaguatyrine gives some tips about deployment.

CaulynDarr acts as a voice of reason in light of the recent price increases from GW, and talks about confirmation bias.

Sandwyrm does a kind of hobby outreach with a Tau player and gives a battle report here.

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