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Saturday, May 7, 2011

this week on the blogs

The last of the Postapocalypticar Contest submissions were displayed this week.  Entries 23-25, 25-29 Here is a link to the gallery where you can check out all 29 entries.

The boys at Massive Voodoo seem to have all completed their current projects at the same time.  Raffa shows off a nice-looking Grey Knight as well as some other great showpieces Roman has a very nice Gladiator.    Baphomet has a very lovely Zombie diorama as well as a nice-looking minotaur.

Lantz has three very helpful product reviews up on Miniature Wargames Conversions;  the first is of the Dragonforge Power Cables.  The second is of a very nice lightbox available on eBay.  Lastly, he reviews the Power Generator from Quantum Gothic.

Marcus and Martin continue their analysis of the Grey Knights Codex by looking at the Heavy Support choices.

Painting Mum has a fantastic Tzeentch Sorcerer for us to drool over.

Dark Side gives us a high-res map of the 40k Galaxy.

Drathmere shows off an expanding Henchman squad with the inclusion of some Daemonhosts.

Ron gives us a great guide on how to build a Drop Pod.  This would have been nice to have before I put mine together (shakes fist in frustration)! :)

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