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Saturday, June 4, 2011

this week on the blogs

Ron from From The Warp was very busy creating some inspirational posts for us this week.  First, a nice Adeptus Custode conversion.  Next, he brings on Adam from the Space Wolves blog to talk about promoting your blog.  Lastly, there is a very nice Flesh Tearers Librarian conversion.

TheGraveMind explains how he made his army transport case on the cheap.

Loquacious gives a color-by-color comparison of the metallic range of GW, Vallejo Game Color, and Reaper Master Series.

Dave_G has a nice way to organize your flock and other basing materials; a spice rack!

Roman gives a tutorial on building this nice dungeon display base.

Raffa shows us how to paint marble effects.

LeadHead has a great article on the basics of getting into airbrushing.  This article was of particular relevance to me, as I am getting into airbrushing myself.

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