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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

this week on the blogs - Adepticon Special

Soooooo much Adepticon coverage this week.  I had to have a special mid-week update to showcase all the awesomeness.

Let's begin:

Sandwyrm went above and beyond documenting the different models there.  He took pictures of over 90 of the armies at the Gladiator tournament, separated by army type:
Here he showcases the tables and terrain for the tournament.

Here are some pics of the Siege of Terra diorama.

Here is a recap of a round-table discussion with Dan Abnett.

Forge World was present at the event as well, with all kinds of goodies to show off.
To segue along Forge World for a moment, the Forge World Open Day was the same weekend as Adepticon, where we got to see a ton of new products coming soon.  Thanks to Hogs of War for this post.

Old School Terminator shows us some great-looking models both from the Team Tournament here, and the Gladiator Tournament here

Brian from A Gentleman's Ones goes over the Killzone event here.  Again, these tables are fantastic.

TastyTaste gives a rundown of some of the top 16 players' army lists here.

Brent has an interview with Tony, the Championship winner, here.

The Independent Characters Podcast has video coverage of the final games at the Gladiator tournament here.


  1. Thank you very much. Tremendous weekend.

  2. Might also want to note the live video coverage of the final tables from The Independent Characters....

  3. Thank you guys for your coverage. It shows those of us who couldn't make it what we were missing out on.