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Sunday, April 10, 2011

this week on the blogs

Ron has a couple of posts showing some cool models.  Here's his new approach at painting Deathwing.  Here is that method of painting bone on a Legion of the Damned model.

Ana shows us how to make a wet palette.

Deathtron gives us some good uses for wallpaper.

The crew that gave us the Storm Wardens Project are planning something much larger for this year.  They are giving away 4 armies, all themed around the battle for Armageddon.  Proceeds will once again benefit Doctors Without Borders.

Dave G shows us how to add a feed footer to the bottom of our blogs.

#2501 shows off a fantastic conversion of a Knight Warden Titan.

Roman has finished his pirate model.  It turned out quite nice.

Dylan created an Imperial Guard Command Tower out of plasticard.  I used to have one of these back in 2nd Ed.  This looks awesome and takes it back to the old school.  Well done!

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  1. dude, so glad to see you back in action- I have missed you!