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Monday, April 4, 2011

Upcoming Indy Event - Lafayette 40k summer league

What:  Summer 40k league

Where:  The Game Preserve Lafayette
              100 South Creasy Lane, Suite 1030
              Lafayette, IN 47905

When:  May 1st - July 31st, 2011

More Info:

Where: All games must be played at The Game Preserve, Pavilions.
Cost: Participants must purchase a $25 Gift Certificate, which they will get after they participate in six games/events (that is only two per month).

Format: At each player’s discretion, they may challenge others in the league to pick-up games of Warhammer 40K at the Game Preserve. These games can be set up with any mission and a...ny deployment, and at any points agreed by both players, with 1000 points minimum. 1500 is standard, if no points total can be agreed upon. You may play as many games as you like, any day of the week, with Saturdays as the official gathering day. You must choose one codex from which to play all your games in the league. A results form, signed by the employee on duty MUST be turned in and initialed by both players to get credit for the game.

The winner of one of these pick-up games will get 3 League Points (LP). The loser gets 1 LP and a draw earns 2 LP for both players. So, even if you lose every game, the more games you play, the more LP you get. So play as often as you want!

Periodically, throughout the summer, special events will take place and your participation will earn extra LP. These will range from Apocalypse Mega Battles, to painting and terrain days, to painting competitions. You can also earn extra LP for submitting prose style battle reports.

Each player that is able to paint a new 1500 point force to completion by the end of the July will earn a bonus of 10 LP! None of the models may have been painted before May 1st. This must be a completely new completely painted force!

The 24 players with the most LP will be invited to a two-day 1500 point tournament on July 30th-31st. This tournament will be a seeded, non-elimination format. Highest seed will play lowest seed, etc, during each round, each day. This final tournament will determine the winner of the league. ALL ARMIES MUST BE PAINTED (LEVEL ONE) TO PLAY! This gives you over 3 months to get up to snuff!

Tentative Schedule: (May be changed, due to unforeseen conflicting events.)
Sunday, May 1st - Kick off day! All games are worth double LP!
Saturday, May 14th – Painting day. Each hour you paint earns you 1 LP!
Sunday, May 22nd – Terrain day. Each hour you assemble terrain earns you 1 LP!
Saturday, June 4th - Apocalypse! Counts as a double point game!
Sunday, June 12th – Painting day. Each hour you paint earns you 1 LP!
Saturday, June 25th – Terrain day. Each hour you assemble terrain earns you 1 LP!
Sunday, July 10th – Apocalypse! Counts as a double point game!
Saturday, July 23rd – Grind ‘em up! All games are worth double LP!
Saturday & Sunday, July 30th & 31st – League Championship Tournament!

All prizes will be in the form of Frequent Buyer Points, redeemable for product at the GP.

If you can get to 30 LP, you will earn 100 Freq points. 40 LP will earn you 150 Freq points, and 50 LP will earn you 200 Freq points! Of course, you will get your entry Gift Certificate back well before this point.

Best Painted Army* – 250 Freq points
Third Place at Tournament – 500 Freq points
Second Place at Tournament – 750 Freq points
First Place at Tournament – 1000 Freq points

The champion will get a trophy to commemorate this truly prodigious achievement!
* As judged by peer review of those that attend on Friday, July 29th at the store at 6:00 pm.

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