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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Upcoming Indy Event - Hive Fleet Indy Tournament, May 14th- Games 2 Die 4

What:  1750 40k tournament

Where:  Games 2 Die 4
                 55 South Raceway Road, Suite 1100
                 Indianapolis, IN

When:  Saturday, May 14th,  2011

More Info:
12:00 pm
Registration starts at 11am and ends at 11:30am

All current codecies as of 5-7-11

1750 pt armies
3 rounds with 2 hours per round for play
Entry fee is $15

Missions and deployment will not be released prior to event. You will play all 3 missions out of the BRB with some slight variations.

This is a win/loss tourney with a twist:
7-0 full win
6-1 win
5-2 slight win
(first number is winner, second is loser)

Personal Objectives for each game: Choose 1 (Worth +1 for achieve and -1 for denided objective)
1. Assasination-Destroy HQ (with most points)
2. Recover supplies-deepstrike objective at center point of table
3. Defend supplies-deepstrike objective in your deployement zone
4. Push Forward-Highest point troop unit above 50% and in enemy deployment zone

Now the good stuff......Prizes:

Best General
Renaissance Man
2nd Best General
3rd Best General
2nd Best Renaissance Man
Players Choice
Best Sport
And Several Door Prizes


  1. Anyone wanting Hotel rooms close to event at Games To Die For call me! I can book great rooms for you at graet rates with free breakfast!
    Roxann Leija
    Regional Director of Sales
    Sun Companies and Development

  2. ScottyDon't...can you see if I got my name on the list? Edge from Dayton.
    I thought I got signed up for this one but haven't seen a registry and I don't remember getting a confirmation.