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Saturday, April 30, 2011

this week on the blogs

The Postapocalypticar Contest entries are still being shown at Massive Voodoo.  Continuing from last week, here are entries 14-19, 20-22.  This has been one of my favorite hobby contests across the internet.  The quality of entries is very inspiring.

Loquacious gives her thoughts about the differences between GW, Vallejo, P3, and Reaper MS paints.

Martin and Marcus continue their analysis of the Grey Knights Codex.  Here, they look at the Troop choices.  Here, they look at the Fast Attack.

Mr. Justin gives a walk-through on how he converted and painted his Command Chimera for the Heroes of Armageddon project.

Lamenter has a new "art scale" version of Abaddon.  I really dig the scratch-built Talon of Horus.

Mathieu looks at what tools a painter may need to get into airbrushing.

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