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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tournament results - aka "You got rolled by a kid?!"

The tournament yesterday was a lot of fun.  Games 2 Die 4 is a really cool store with a focus on Flames of War and Warhammer Fantasy.  What impressed me the most was their selection of paints and supplies.  They carry an extensive selection of paints from Vallejo (Game Color, Model Color, AND Model Air), GW,  P3, and Army Painter.

As far as the tournament went, there were 15 players of which I finished 4th overall.  Farmpunk came in 3rd just above me.  The top 2 spots went to regular players from the local club.

My best moment was my embarrassing loss in game 1 to a  Daemon player.  He's around 13,  plays very well, and utterly destroyed my army.  What makes this funnier is that he forgot to bring on a unit of Fiends, who ended up staying in reserve the entire game.  I'll post some battle reports soon.


  1. Woot! I lost the finals of the Mage Knight National Qualifier to a 13 year old!

    Yeah... my feelings were hurt :)

  2. The kid is the son of the player who won the tournament, and was using dad's army that won our finals event last year.

    Hardcore Warhammer just runs in the family, I guess :)

    Try telling that to my friends that give me no end of crap about it, though.

  3. Didn't you also lose painting to some douchebag ork guy? WTF? Who plays with white orks? Now maybe if they were blue, hmmmmm.....