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Friday, May 7, 2010

South Indy 40k Tournament Signup Has Begun!

I'll be running my first tournament on June 19th.  If you will be in the Indianapolis area, and would like to get a day full of gaming in, sign up and bring your army.  There are 20 slots available, and we have a fairly large local gaming group, so sign up now!


  1. Is there a way to re-reg without paying upfront?

  2. Oh, and are you guys running your usual comp rules? If so, can you post them?

  3. I'd like to commit, but I might have a wedding to go to around then. I think they plan it this way. I have a wedding for ard boyz, and now I might have one on the next tourney, sigh. I'll sign up as soon as I find out.

  4. @CaulynDarr:

    I don't have a way to pre-reg without paying first. I can try to hold a spot open for you, but preference will be given to those who pay.

    Also, I will not be using the comp system that the previous TO had used. There will be no comp scoring, you are free to bring whatever list you wish. The missions and point level have been designed so that no army should be able to get too nasty :)

  5. Can you post the missions before hand?

    I'm sure that the missions will be balanced, but I don't want to bring my Eldar skimmer army and find out all the missions use the KP system from the 3rd 'ard boys scenario.

    I'm signed up, and I think 2 or 3 more from G2D4 are planning on attending.

  6. I'll be sending the players' packets out this week. Once people register, they'll see exactly how the scoring will break down.

    I've also included all the missions that will be played. FYI-the tournament will not use KP, but VP instead.