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Sunday, May 23, 2010

wtf of the week

So the latest project that I've decided to take on was inspired by Les at  I am going to paint an army of Space Marines where every single marine is from a different chapter.  If that's not crazy enough, I plan on maxing out every slot (HQ, Elites, Troops, Fast Attack, and Heavy Support) with infantry.  That's around 150 marines.  I've not made a list up yet, but I estimate the army to come in around 4000-5000 points when I'm finished.  I'll be painting these marines in between other projects, so keep an eye out for some variety.

I separated the chapters by their primary colors, and started there.  The first two chapters I'll be doing share the same color scheme, just organized in different ways.  Here are the Imperial Castellans and the Angels Porphyr:

I've primed each model grey, then re-primed white from about 6 inches above and away from the model (to simulate the light source).  Each model has had a coat of Mordian Blue put on in the appropriate places.

After that, a coat of Enchanted Blue is put on, making sure to leave some of the base color showing.

A highlight is created using 3 parts Skull White to 2 parts Enchanted Blue.

A wash of Asurmen Blue is then applied.

The blue parts of the armor are now finished.  Next time, I'll start on the other colors, saving the white armor for last.


  1. WOW, this is one heck of a project to tackle! Once it is done, I think it will be one of the most stunning Crusade Armies I have ever seen! Make sure to use some of the more abstract Chapters too. You are off to a good start, looking forward to some updates.

    Support By Fire

  2. Thanks for the comment. With around 150 chapters, I really had to dig deep in the internet vaults, as well as every old codex I could get my hands on. Also, the Insignium Astartes book from Forge World had a lot of obscure chapters that were hard to find online.

    There will be one squad made up of fan-based chapters because I came up a bit short. The squad Sgt. will be from the Emperor's Pointy Sticks chapter, from the Turn Signals on a Land Raider web comic.