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Friday, April 30, 2010

April - monthly review

I've had some pretty cool things come up this month in blogging:
  • I maintained my weekly gaming for an entire month.  I can't remember how long it's been since I've been able to do that.  I played people who I had never played before as well.  You can check out my battle reports against Blood Angels and Daemons.
  • I started a new section on my blog that highlights other bloggers in or from the Indianapolis area.  There are quite a few gamers here, and you can catch up with all of our blogs in the column on the left.  If your are an Indy gamer with a blog, leave a comment and let me know-I'd be happy to plug your blog.
  • I began contributing to another Indy blog The Back 40K, a great blog mainly about competitive gaming.  My first post there caused a bit of a stir when some gamers from a store across town mistakenly thought that the post was directed at them.  The misunderstanding has been cleared up, and everyone seems to be happy once again.
  • I pulled out the Black Templars to get ready for a tournament on May 1st (tomorrow).  I play Crimson Fists using the BT rules, with the fluff that they are a Crusade Company (which is why both fists are red--you old-school Crimson Fists fans may remember that).  You can see my Emperor's Champion pictured above.  I'll have some battle reports and the tournament results posted early next week, along with an extra-special surprise for the local gamers.  Stay tuned :)

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