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Thursday, June 3, 2010

May - monthly review

May started off with a tournament (a great way to start a month).  I placed 4th overall with my Crimson Fists, and had a great time - meeting some terrific new players and reconnecting with veteran players from past tournaments.

The Indy Blog section has doubled in size since last month.  Check out these blogs in the column on the left to see what's going on all around Indianapolis.  Through this blog list, I discovered 2 new games stores in the metro Indianapolis area, bringing the total to 8 that I know of.  That's a lot of stores for a city as small as Indy.

I began a project that I am hoping will become a staple here on indy40k;  one that I'm calling Project Space Marine.  It's a crusade-style Space Marine force where each marine will be from a different chapter, around 150 chapters in total!  It seems crazy, but interesting to me.  Expect updates on that soon.

I also announced that I will be running my first tournament.  The local tournament organizer has taken some time off to focus on school, and I took the opportunity to try my hand at it.  I have been spending a lot of time planning for the event and building terrain, and have gotten very little painting time recently.   The tournament will be on Saturday, June 19th.  11 people have pre-registered for the event, leaving 9 slots open.  5 people have responded stating that they will be there, so if you would like to attend, your best bet would be to pre-register as soon as possible.  Click on the link on the top left to see more information and to pre-register.

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