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Sunday, June 27, 2010

South Indy 40k Tournament Results

Last weekend I hosted my first tournament.  I had volunteered to take over for the guy that normally runs tournaments on this side of town, and had some big shoes to fill.  There is a fairly prolific tournament scene in Indianapolis, with at least one event going on each month  at one of the stores in the city.  Caanaan, jRock, and myself had been putting in a lot of prep work building terrain and writing missions, hoping to make the tournament run as smoothly as possible.

Four games were played at 1500.  Each game started on time, and in the end, we had our champion:

Carlos came in 1st overall with a 4-0 record with his Tyranids.

Here are some other army shots:
Eric's Orks

EvilTed's Orks (evilTed's blog is here)

Farmpunk's Witch Hunters (check out his break-down of the event here)

Metrosh's IG

Grave Mind's Tyranids (GraveMinds's blog)

Aaron's SM army

J Lay's Witch Hunters (yes, that's the second pure Sisters army at the tournament!)

Brian's Blood Angels (with awesome Storm Raven conversion)
Chad's Alpha Legion (if you look closely, you will notice an awesome squad of 
Chosen with each model painted as a member of a different loyalist SM chapter-fantastic!)

Caulyn Darr's Eldar (visit his blog here to read about his take on the event)

Curt's Tyranids

Almost every army was fully-painted, and the two that were not had some well-painted models in them.  I was very surprised to see this much of the hobby represented at a competitive event.  Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped to make this a great event to run!


  1. Do you plan to run more tournaments yourself in the future?

    Paid my entry fee and then didn't end up being able to make it to the tournament, and I was wondering if there's any way I could turn that into credit for entry to a future one.

  2. I'm planning the next event currently. I want to have one in November, and I don't know if I'll be able to squeeze another in before that or not.

    If you're one of the people that couldn't make it and already paid, I'll be happy to forward that fee to the next tournament.

  3. Sounds good, thanks. Will worry about it closer to time for the next tournament.