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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Illegal Dust Army

So, like my comrades here at Indy40k, I too have been drawn to the game of Dust Warfare. If you haven't at least checked it out, you really should. But that being said, I'd like to show off my Dust Axis Army which by Fantasy Flight Games Tournament rules is officially - ILLEGAL! (Cue low brass)

My Axis force is loosely based on the 1975 movie "Isla - She Wolf of the SS". The movie is about a Nazi scientist in WWII who is out to prove that women have a higher threshold for pain than men, and should ultimately be allowed to fight in the German Army. I thought this seemed to be a nice theme for an Axis army and began trying to find female figures to lead my squads and make retinues for my character models.
This is Isla herself, who acts as the unit leader for my Kommandotrupp Squad.
Here's Isla again with her Kommandotrupp squad. 2 of the figs are actual Dust miniatures (one with a head swap), the medic and the mechanic are not. However, if you cannot figure out which is which by looking - you have worse vision than me.
So if you hadn't figured it out, the mechanic has the big wrench, and the medic has the medic pack.
This is my Strumpioniere Squad, and the most likely to cause an uproar by any die-hards. Since the unit has the FAST ability, I wanted them to look the part. So keeping with the female lead theme, I went with these youth female figs led by a dominatrix. It's hard to see, but the girls have a uniform that almost exactly matches the 'Hitler-jugend' or 'HJ' as they were called in WWII, which was the youth corp of the Nazi Reich. 
So what right-minded Axis player wouldn't consider a unit of Zombies? This is my horde of undead (3 units), still in progress. You'll notice through the next few pics, only 5 of the models are the actual FFG miniatures. Here's the problem I had. The models are pre-assembled and ready to go. And while you can pop them apart at the waist and heads, it doesn't go far for making different poses. I just despise the thought of fielding 3 IDENTICAL looking units, so I looked over the web, and found some pretty nice models to fills in with the original Dust models. Also, I thought it would look killer to have them converted up to look like the Nazi 'brown shirts' - the or the SA and led by an SS undead officer. 
No these aren't finished - my officer is not going to be wearing his 'Sassy white boots'.
The SA zombie conversion (on the right) was really pretty simple. Green-stuff up a waist band to make trousers, add a green-stuff tie and arm band and you're good to go!
This is my favorite so far. He was lovingly named by Luke Thomas and Nick Ragan at the Indy Open:
Rob the Zombie
To spice things up behind enemy lines, I purchased this vixen sniper. 
This is my Angela conversion is the works. I need to figure out how to model her a Solothurn. Other than that though, I just loved this model. I think she by far represents Angela Wolfe better than the miniature FFG has produced. 

Here are the lovely ladies with their walkers. 
Heinrichs 1 & 2. 
Lothar. This will actually end up being a Wotan AR once I model the arms. However, since the guns were already painted in this configuration I used them. With all of my walkers I wanted to try to do a paint scheme that was less common than normally seen. With Axis you've got plain grey, or the green/tan/brownish red camo, and finally the whites. After doing my research, I wanted to try and emulate the early spring. So, you can see the White Wash running off of the normal camo scheme underneath. 
And finally, there's Fritz popping out of her Medium Panzer. 

So there it is - an official ILLEGAL army for Dust. I'm hoping that in the future I'll be able to play in some regional tournaments with the ladies, and really represent central Indiana and Indy40k. But until the rules on proxies are lifted I'll just have to wait and play around here. 
Also, if you haven't checked out Dust Warfare yet, pop in on most Saturdays and one of us will be there playing or doing demos. 

Thanks for reading!!!
Rock on...


  1. As always, I think your army looks fantastic. At first I was worried that you were using a Nazi-themed army, it being an(understandably) touchy subject with a lot of people.

    Then you said one thing to me, "Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS." I started laughing, and I love it.

  2. Jason - I too worry a little about a Nazi theme. However, the Flames of War guys seem to get away with it (although they tend to be an older - more understanding crowd, playing a more accurate WWII game). We'll just see how people respond.

  3. i've got a rifle that might work for your angela conversion.

    1. Thanks for the rifle. I'm going to have to modify it quite a bit, but it's a much nicer start than what I had.

  4. Looks like every day fare for our Weird WWII gaming.

    Nothin' better then a little grindhouse sleaze on your gamin' table!

    1. Thanks Brian! Glad you liked it (Hope you're being sincere) I just couldn't stomach having another standard Axis army. And to all of my pals who play Axis that's no slam - it's just there are so many of us, and not all that many models. So as I was studying WWII pain schemes I stumbled on the actual story of the REAL Isla from WWII and was hooked. Plus, I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve to push the theme even more coming up...

    2. Totally sincere. In fact, here is a bit of our grindhouse for ya.

      Keep it weird,

  5. Sorry to dig up this old horse - But I just recently found your blog, in search of the female mechanic model...

    Do you remember what line/company she is from?
    Same goes for "Fritz"?

    Thank you for your help.


  6. I believe its a reaper chronoscope model

  7. Yep, Rosie the Chronotech - Thank you for the quick reply!

    Do you know if "Fritz" is from the same range or company?


  8. My Search-Fu has grown stronger - I found the model!