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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Custom Vehicle Damage Tokens for Dust Warfare


So, what tokens do you use for your Dust Warfare Army? Are you a purist going with the tokens from the Core Rule Book? Did you go with generic tokens or gems? Or did you up the ante with custom resin tokens?

As you can see here, I am a generic token guy for my infantry. Although Jason and Luke have been trying to get me to follow their lead with the custom resin tokens, I'm doing okay with my Fantasy Flight Games Red and Grey Tokens for suppression and reaction. I do not have other colors for other issues like 'out of ammo' or 'dug in' only because well, those things just don't come up with my particular force. So my thought is - why invest any further there, when what I have is working for now.


I have read a few reviews on custom tokens people are using for Dust, and the biggest problem seems to be with vehicle damage. Either you're moving a model, and 3 or 4 dice trying to keep straight which is which, or you have tokens with such small writing you need personal hobbit with a magnifying glass to read what they say. 

Let me present my solution...
I made 3 of these (one for each walker I typically field) out of a 40mm base, a thin slice of Styrofoam, glue and paint. Now, when my walker takes damage I toss one of these suckaz out and place the little D6s where they belong. (Left Side: Damage Capacity Taken / Right Side: Vehicle Damage Chart Result).

So you're probably thinking, "What if I want to field a heavy walker genius?" First of all - no. Secondly, if you want to field anything with more than 6 wounds, you'll need to cut out a diamond shape for the left side to hold a D10.

So you're probably also thinking, "What about multiple results on the VDC?" For this, you'll need another token base, or make one with multiple slots for VDC dice. In my games since my walkers are light and medium class, they are typically dead before that comes up.

1. Cheap - These cost me nothing. I had all this stuff just lying around. Had I not had the 40mm base, I would have just cut a base from hardboard.
2. Look Nice - With a little effort they can match your army's bases or even have your faction's symbol on them. Trust me on this, your opponent will hold you to a high level of esteem if both your army AND your tools (dice, tokens, display) are top notch. 

1. The whole multiple VDC thing. These are better for light and medium walkers, but honestly, using a 60mm base for your 1 or 2 heavies and having multiple slots would be fine. AND if you labeled them well, you wouldn't even have to have it near the actual walker, just where you can see it (near your dice pile etc)
2. You have to make them - I know right. Get over it. Or I guess you could pay me to do it....
3. Your Opponent may get really jealous of you and start to cheat.

Well, those are my Vehicle Markers. Are they better than what's out there? Pssssh! Of course they are. 
No but seriously, they're working great for me so far. If you like what you see, try making a few and see if you like them. Or, if you have no artistic skill whatsoever, you know where to find me!

Rock on.

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