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Sunday, July 29, 2012

We gave away an army. Now what?

by Jason

The Tournament of Championships was a great time, but what's on the horizon for Indy 40k? 

While at the tournament, I got in a demo game of Dust Warfare.  The models are cool, and the game seems like it will be fun to play.  I have begun painting a small Axis force.

6th Edition is in full swing, and I'm trying to learn the new rules and get some games in.  We are currently planning our first 6th Ed event for the end of August.  I'm finishing up some of the details, and should be posting more info about that as I get it.

 I looked in my hobby closet at the abandoned projects, and decided to bring one of them back into the rotation.  So I'll be working on the Storm Lords again.
The look of these marines has always attracted me.  It's also a color scheme that is very vibrant and eye-catching.  No matter how well I paint my Crimson Fists, they will always look dark and dull.  From a fluff stand point, the Storm Lords were one of the chapters to come to the aid of the Crimson Fists after the Battle of Rynn's World.

I'm also finishing up some odd models for a Sisters of Battle army commission that I've been working on for far too long.  Some Inquisition models, some assassins, some Imagifers, etc.

I plan on posting weekly with what I've been painting that week.  If you want to follow me more closely, I post WIP pics throughout the week on Twitter.


  1. Looking forward to a well run 6th ed tourney. Had a blast at the tournament of championships. Please definitely post on Dust. Wanting to see how the game pans out. Loving the activity of the Indy wargaming community and hope to see more of it.!

  2. If you run a Dust Tournament, I'd play.

  3. funny you mention that. i think that once people see how the official dust tourney is done at gencon this might be something that start happening.

    in a couple of weeks some of us will be doing a dust/infinity demo day over at saltire.