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Monday, July 23, 2012

Tournament recap

Our 3rd annual Tournament of Championships was this past Saturday.  Above, you can see the prizes that we gave away.  This was our best-run event to date, and I had a blast running it.  Here were some of the standings:

1.  Aaron A. (Spaguatyrine) - Grey Knights
2.  Dustin S. (Nemesis) - Dark Eldar
3.  Steve B.  (GeekProtem) - Space Marines
4.  Austin B. - Tyranids
5.  Greg N (CaulynDarr) - Tau
6.  Aaron B (Lumiere)- Space Marines
7.  Nik M (TheGraveMind) - Tyranids
8.  John L. - Sisters of Battle
9. Robert P. - Chaos Marines
10. Levi T. - Tyranids

1.  Chad N (Outremer) - Chaos Marines
2.  Aaron A (Spaguatyrine) - Grey Knights
3. Greg N (CaulynDarr) - Tau
4. Steve B (GeekProtem)-Space Marines
5. Levi T - Tyranids

1. Chad N (Outremer)
2. Dustin S (Nemesis)
3. Aaron B (Lumiere)
4. Mark W
5. Steve B (GeekProtem)

1.  Aaron A (Spaguatyrine) - Grey Knights
2.  Steve B (GeekProtem)-Space Marines
3.  Greg N (CaulynDarr) - Tau
4.  Aaron B (Lumiere)- Space Marines
5.  Austin B - Tyranids
6.  Levi T - Tyranids
7.  Chad N (Outremer) - Chaos Marines
8.  Dustin S (Nemesis) - Dark Eldar
9.  John L - Sisters of Battle
10.  Nik M (TheGraveMind) - Tyranids

Here's the breakdown of the armies played:
Grey Knights: 1
Space Marines: 3
Tau: 1
Tyranids: 3
Chaos Marines: 2
Dark Eldar: 1
Sisters of Battle: 1
Necrons: 1
Blood Angels: 4
Eldar: 1
Orks: 1
Dark Angels: 1

Here are some pics of the Imperial Guard army that we gave away to one lucky player:


  1. How many total players were there? and the sportsmanship is different from what you announced, is that a mistake or how things got shuffled around for prizes?

    1. Well I did simple math and added the codex break down. 20 players, with a decent xenos presence, 50% imperial.

      Again, may have been the best fun I've had at a tournament, and the most fun I've had playing 40k in a while. Thanks for the great time!

    2. Lumiere is correct. In our events, a player is only eligible for winning one prize from either the Generalship, Appearance, or Sportsmanship categories. If you place in multiple categories, you will be given the highest-value prize.

      You received the prize for 3rd Best Sportsmanship. Your score was tied for 3rd place, but the other players placed in other categories, so we didn't need to worry about applying the tie-breaker (which is Battle Points).

    3. I figured it was something like that, but since I got 3rd, and didn't show up on the top 5, just wanted to make sure.

  2. Since Chad won best appearance and Dustin got 2nd best general, 'Best' sport went to me by way of prize value, I believe.

  3. I applied the tie-breakers for this post so people could see their actual scores, not just the prizes that they won.

    If you have any questions about where exactly you placed, or how we figure the scoring, feel free to email me. I don't try to keep it secret, I just don't consider it a very interesting topic :)