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Friday, January 6, 2012

Hobby progress and upcoming events

Welcome back Indy!  I hope everyone had a good holiday season.  I kept busy over my "holiday hiatus" trying to juggle too many projects at once (is there any other way?).

For Christmas, I got my daughter her first set of hobby supplies.  The GW paint set comes with a variety of paints, a (crappy) brush, and some space marines.  My daughter decided that she wanted to paint the marines red, so I got out my Blood Angels Codex and began to regale her with stories of the Blood Angels' organization, the different unit types, etc.  We sat down and started painting last week while watching reruns of Star Trek: TNG on Netflix.  You can see her first finished model here.  Bear in mind that she is 6 years old, and this is the first model that she's painted on her own.
I'm pretty amazed, and very proud.
I've also been coordinating with other organizers in the area to plan out the even schedule for the beginning of the year.  I'll put up a separate post with more details, but there's an 1850 tourney in Bloomington on Jan 14, and I'll be running a 2000 point practice tournament that will use the Indy Open format on Feb 4th.  Again, a more detailed post about these, and many more events in the not so distant future.

I will leave you with that.  What cool hobby goodness did you guys do over the holidays?

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