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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

indy40k combat patrol tourney recap

Saturday was the day for our Combat Patrol tournament.  This was jRock's first attempt at running an event, and he wanted to do something different and memorable.  The restrictions for the event were very similar to those at Adepticon, with the exception that forces would be 500 points.

We had a relatively small turnout, which was still pretty remarkable considering there were 2 other events going on that day around Indianapolis.  We played 5 1-hour rounds of fast and (dare I say) furious action.  Most games were very decisive, and a good time was had by all (or at least by most of us).

This was the first of our tournaments that I've been able to play in, as I am usually the TO.  I brought my fledgling Grey Knight army, and was a little nervous having never played this force in an actual game.  My force consisted of 3 5-man Strike Squads with a psycannon in each squad and backed up by 3 Razorbacks with psybolt ammo.  My first 3 games couldn't have gone better.  The amount of shooting that this force put out was very deadly at the 500 point level.  The games were fun, but short.  Each game consisted of one good round of shooting on my part, then a swift decline of the opponent's forces.  All 3 were decisive victories.

Game 4 saw me pitted against Spaguatyrine's Space Wolves.  He had a nasty Thunderwolf squad backed up by the obligatory Long Fang pack.  The mission had us running for the center board to grab an objective that we could then take with us.  My luck seemed to run out in this game, as my good round of shooting never came, and the game ended in my being tabled.

Game 5 had me paired up against another 3-1 player, TheGraveMind and his traitorous Blood Angels with 2 large jump assault squads boosted by a Sanguinary Priest.  The mission called for us to eliminate each others leader (the model with the highest Ld), and we both killed the other's leader, ending the game in a draw.

Spag won his last game against the last 3-1 player, giving him the Best General award.  I walked away with second place, and the Best Strategist award (having secured the most bonus objectives).  The breakdown of  players was as such:
1.  Aaron A (Spaguatyrine) - Best General - Space Wolves
2.  Jason T. (wienas) - Best Strategist - Grey Knights
3.  Nic M (TheGraveMind) - Blood Angels
4.  Ken L - Grey Knights
5.  John L. - Grey Knights
6.  Jim B. - Daemons

As you can see, the Grey Knights showed up in force this weekend, and occupied plenty of the top spots.  Here are some more pictures from the event.

Thanks to everyone for showing up.  I know jRock had a great time running the event, as he is planning the next one for the spring.  If you want to leave any feedback for the event, or have any questions, send them to:  indy40k @


  1. It was a great event! I have never even heard of combat patrol before this event. It was fun. I would like to play my new Dark Eldar if we do it again. There were some very interesting builds at 500 points. I had more fun at this event than other bigger ones. Thanks Johnny!

  2. Looks awesome. 40K is best at small scale, low points.

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