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Saturday, January 1, 2011

December in Indy - a monthly review

So, another month has gone by and my computer is still not fixed.  The year has come to an end, and I wanted to thank all of the readers who have stopped by my little corner of the internet.

The Back 40k turns 2 years old this month.  I was asked to be a contributor to their blog in March, and will add my 2 cents to the discussions from time to time (not so much recently).  Congratulations to them.

This month in Indy, there has been a lot of discussion regarding tournaments, and the benefits of the win/loss format of scoring.  This entire first section is all about tournaments and competitive play.  If these things are not your cup of tea, feel free to move further down the page and check out some of the other offerings from this month.

Sandwyrm started off this discussion with an article on why battle points encourage Win At All Cost (WAAC) behavior.  He follows this up with an article on diffrentiating between competitive behavior and WAAC behavior.  After some confusion about his position, Sandwyrm clarifies his points here.
He then offers up some of the common misconceptions about win/loss tournaments in a 3-part series. part 1, part 2, part 3.

Onto some hobby!!  TheGraveMind has blue baals (and a drop pod, and a land raider).  He then presents us with a 2-part article showing us how he built his own Storm Raven.  part 1, part 2. A battle report showing it in action completes the picture.

The Ultramarines movie was released this month.  Sandwyrm gives us his review, while Chambers offers some advice for those who purchased the movie and are experiencing problems getting it to play.

Heretic explores new avenues of his Eldar army with a pair of articles.  part 1, part 2

Sandwyrm talks a bit about line highlighting, and his advice on using the technique appropriately.  He then answers a readers e-mail about a color scheme for an Dark Eldar army.

Sandwyrm finishes the month (this guy has been really busy this month!) with a post posing the question, "Should GW open-source their rules?"  I've had a very similar conversation with my gaming circle, and it brings up some interesting points about the game and the marketing that GW employs.  Feel free to leave a comment.

I hope everyone had a good holiday.  The tournament season is quickly approaching, and I'm trying hard to stay focused on getting a new army ready in time.  My goal for 2011 is to finish my 2 armies, make a worthy display board for the Crimson Fists, and finish the commission army that I'm also currently working on.  Anyone else have any hobby resolutions?

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