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Thursday, December 2, 2010

November in Indy - a monthly review

This month saw 2 tournaments and a new addition to our little family over at The Back 40k.  Spaguatyrine is a very competitive player and winner of multiple local tournaments.  His point of view on competitive gaming has stirred several interesting conversations prior to his joining the blog, and now he'll have a larger audience with which to interact.

My favorite post of the month goes to SandWyrm's post about the future of 40k, and how it would be beneficial to the game (and GW as a company) to kill off the Emperor in the fluff.  The topic is interesting, but the avatars and comments added by SandWyrm are hilarious.  If you haven't yet read this, please do so.

Loki from Rites of Battle has posted a great series of articles dissecting the Black Templars Codex.  He dips into the fluff a bit, and then offers his opinions each unit and how it is used within the army. 
Army Special Rules, HQ, Elites, Troops, Fast Attack & Dedicated Transports.  At some point in the conversation, I had to school Loki on how to use his own army.  My sage advice must have paid off, because he came in first place at the tournament I played in at the Bloomington Game Preserve.  Congratulations and you're welcome :P

Hive Fleet Indy put on a tournament on the west side this month as well.  Spaguatyrine gives his impressions of the event here and details about the games here.  TheHiveMind offers his rundown of his games here.  SandWyrm shares his gallery of the armies at the event (mine is the second one down).

The Space Wolves get some love from Heretic, and Spaguatyrine discusses why the Space Wolves have the best psykers.

Spaguatyrine's first post on The Back 40k gives some tips on battling Daemons.

TheHiveMind gives some tips on using HQ units in your Tyranid force.

Uberdark weighs the pros and cons of using "Death Star" units in your force.

Lastly, SandWyrm strokes his own ego by showing off some of the newest version of his great-looking IG force.

I have been notably absent from posting this month.  The day after the Hive Fleet Indy tournament, my PC died.  I'm working on getting it fixed, but I don't have access to my photo-editing software, and my wife's laptop is usually occupied in the evenings.  I do have several articles started, including two new Project Space Marine tutorials.  These will hopefully be posted soon.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I was wondering where you had gone off to. Ya, I was like a two week roll on the blog till real life caught up with me. Le sigh.

  2. Thankyou for the link to Rites of Battle. That's a true find for me!

  3. Thanks for the praise Loquacious. We've all had a really busy semester at our university, but we'll keep trying to bring you all something worth reading.