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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hobby update

I've not been posting much about what  I've been up to in the hobby lately.  Fresh off the team tournament, I decided to start a new IG army designed to be part of a team army.  You can see the test models above.  I wanted to go with a techno-cult theme, not quite Adeptus Mechanicus, not quite Traitor Guard, but something that would fit along-side an Iron Warriors CSM army.  The bodies are from the WFB Empire Flagellants.  The heads are from Pig Iron Production's Kolony Ferals.  The arms are from the Cadian and Catachan IG sprues that I had lying around.  I will be using Forge Worlds' Traitor Guard weapon arms in the final version.

Also, I've taken on my first commission work.  I'm painting up my friend's Sisters of Battle army.  You can see the test models here.


  1. How much conversion are you doing for each IG dude? With the sheer numbers, isn't that a lot of guys to fiddle with?

  2. Each model is made up of a set of arms, a head, and a body. In that sense, there is less assembly work to these models than even normal guardsmen.

    The parts I'm using, however, were not designed to fit together, so there's a little bit of gap-filling that needs to be done on each model. It's a lot of work, but I'm very happy with the models I've assembled so far. Having cool-looking models keeps me motivated to carry on.

  3. That's cool. I just remember the reason for Project:Space Marine and wondered how much work these awesome guys were going to be for you.

    They look great!