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Saturday, May 18, 2013

How To Customize Your Unit Cards!

Hi everyone! So in getting ready for the tournament in Ohio, I decided that I too should jump on the band wagon and get some unit cards printed up. Jason got me interested in this when I saw his. They eliminate the going back and forth through the rulebook and expansions looking for your stats. So why not? Jason also convinced me that I needed to make custom cards since my units are heavily converted, and my opponent may or may not know what exactly he or she is fighting against.

Want to know how I did it? It's uber-simple...

You'll need:
1. The fan-made Dust Warfare Unit Cards, available here.
2. Pics of your units saved to your computer.
3. MS Paint.
4. A brain stem.

Step One:
*Open the Unit Card with MS Paint. You can simply right-click the file and choose 'Open With' and use 'PAINT'.
*Use the rectangular selection tool on the toolbar to outline the original pic of the unit.
*With it outlined, click 'CUT' and POOF!!! -Gone.
Step Two:
*Keeping the rectangular selection outline still on the selection you just cut, move your mouse up to the 'PASTE' tool button.
*When clicking it, there should be the option to paste 'FROM FILE' - click that.
Step Three:
*Find the pic saved to your computer of your actual unit and select it to be pasted.
*Chances are, it won't be an exact fit, so you'll need to use the arrows to re-size it a bit.

As you may have noticed, using the cut tool is going to cut off the paper clip that's present on the normal card. What I do, is when re-sizing the image of my unit, I leave some of the white 'cut' showing to make the appearance of a Polaroid photo. Now it appears that the photo is in the file, ABOVE the paper clip.

Super easy if you have a half an hour or so. Plus, it's just another way to personalize your Dust tools. Hit me up with any questions!

JRock - resident Mad Converter and all-around good guy.

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  1. As a cheap and lazier stats-only alternative, I used Adobe Reader's Edit -> Take a Snapshot to drop clippings from the Unit Sheet available (for probably not much longer) from

    dropped the units I would need for the tourney into word, and printed that out.