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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dust Warfare BatRep

by Jason

This week, I went to Luke's house to play on his lovely board.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Dust Warfare Resources/Player Aids

I'm working on a new battle report for the game I played this week.  In the meantime, I thought I would post some of the resources that I've come across that make playing Dust Warfare a little easier.

Dust Warfare Force Builder - This has been updated with the most current units (units from Zverograd as of this posting) - a must for any Dust Warfare player.

Fan-made unit cards - Unit cards with all the special rules and weapons for each of the starting factions (Axis and Allies)

Alternate fan-made unit cards - These cards have less text on them, but are the same size as the Dust Tactics cards and will fit in the Dust Tactics card protectors from

Dust Warfare Army Sheet - by Fantasy Flight Games - a nice, slick-looking sheet to write out your force list.

Dust Warfare Markers - by Fantasy Flight Games - a PDF of all the markers that you use for the game (why are these not for sale as plastic tokens?)

Dust Warfare Tournament Rules - by Fantasy Flight Games - "Official" rules for organized play from the company that created the game (GW should take notes).

Ironheart Artisans -  Makers of gaming aids.  They have the awesome resin tokens usable for Dust Warfare, and custom dice for each of the factions.

Unit Forward - a blog dedicated to scouring the internets and bringing you as much Dust Warfare news as possible.

War And More Radio did a 3-part podcast series on how to play Dust Warfare.  The episodes are around 15 minutes each, something that most people will be able to digest on their way to work:
 Part 1 (episode 44)
 Part 2 (episode 46)
 Part 3 (episode 48)

The D6 Generation Podcast covered Dust Warfare with their usual in-depth reviews here (at the 2hr, 22min mark).
They also reviewed the Operatoin Zverograd book here (at the 2hr, 1min mark).

What other resources have you guys found that make your gaming experiences better?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Upcoming Indy Event - 500-point "Intro to 6th Ed" Event

When: Saturday, August 25th
            sign-in starts at 9:30
            Game 1 starts at 10:30

Where: 1551 East Stop 12 Road, Suite F (3 doors down from The Game Preserve)
              Indianapolis, IN 46227
              About 1/2 mile north of the Greenwood Park Mall on US 31

Cost: $10


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hobby Update - Dust Warfare and Painting Club!

Last weekend, I took the daughter to the local store for painting club, a group of painters who get together and paint (as the name suggests).  It had been a while since she had shown any interest in painting her Blood Angels, so I was happy when she asked to go.

I worked on some of my new Axis models for Dust Warfare.  Most of my models wear heavy armor, and I worked on the cloth parts of their uniforms.  I spent most of the time working on the camo scheme of the Sturmpioniere.

I used a method that I read in a BOLS article.  Being out of Devlan Mud, I remembered an article that I had read that compared Army Painter's Strong Tone Ink.  I think that the Army Painter is a great stand-in for the old Devlan Mud wash from GW, although it is a bit more opaque.  I may have to water it down in the future.

I got a box of goodies from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  It's mostly for some basing projects in the future, but there are some washes that I'll be trying out on the Storm Lords very soon.

Also this week, I got in my first game of Dust Warfare, which I really enjoyed.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My First Game of Dust Warfare

I met GeekProtem last night on the east side of Indy at Saltire Games for my first game of Dust Warfare.  I had never been there before, so I had a look around while I waited for my opponent to arrive.  The store is laid out very nicely, with a lot of product displayed in a relatively small space.  They may have the widest variety of miniatures games in the city.  The standards from GW and Privateer Press were there, but they also carry Dust Tactics/Warfare, Mech Warrior, Infinity, Warpath, Spartan Games, and MERCS.  There may have been more, but I can't remember.  They also have several separate gaming rooms with plenty of space for all sorts of gamers.  I appreciate that.

We set up a small 4x4 table and got started.  The mission that we played was essentially Kill Points in 40k terms.  The game was a lot of fun, but I found myself over-thinking a lot of things.  Most of your actions are pretty intuitive.  For the most part, if you want your unit to do something, they can do it as long as they are not suppressed (or pinned in 40k).