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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dust Warfare Intro Game

Dave, a Dust Tactics player from Saltire, came down to the GP South this last weekend to get an intro game of Dust Warfare in.

It was interesting to give an intro game to someone who DIDN'T come from a tabletop war gaming background. Most people that have been looking at Warfare tend to be current or past 40k players -- like the Indy40k crew.  Having not played Dust Tactics, it was interesting for me to get to see some of the differences from Dave's description of Tactics - jump not excluding reactions, different armor rolls, etc.

Dave got the privilege of seeing what a unit of Hellboys will do to a combined SSU rifle unit.  A sneak peak -- it involves 35 dice and removing a pile of SSU models.  :)

Here are a couple pics from the game - the SSU present a strong front:

Well, at least until they get a close up look at the Hellboys:

The Allies finish off the rest of the SSU:

If anyone else is interested in Dust Warfare -- let us know and we can arrange something.  Also, Wienas has been talking about running a day long narrative campaign based on the Hades campaign - would anyone out there be interested?

Lastly, thanks to Dave for coming down and trying out Warfare - I hope to see you down playing again soon!


1 comment:

  1. I'm just glad I could make a list with the painted units I had!

    Thanks for the demo! For the record, Caanaan coached me through beating him, so kudos to him, mostly.

    As for an all day thing, I would be definitely into that.