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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Upcoming Indy Event - 1500 point 40k tournament - April 21st

What:  1500 pt Warhammer 40k tournament

When:  Saturday, 21st April, 2012
             Check-in starts at 9:30.  Round 1 starts at 10:30.

Where:  1551 East Stop 12 Road, Suite E (two doors down from The Game Preserve South)
               Indianapolis, IN 46227

More Info:

Cost is $15.

3 rounds.

Objective Markers: 
Each player should bring 2 objective markers (poker chips will be provided should a player not have objective markers).   All measurements are taken from the center of the objective marker, so size does not matter (unlike in real life).  Objective markers are not considered difficult terrain and do not block line of sight regardless of how the marker looks. 

Setting Up Objective Markers:
Each player takes turns placing their objective markers.  The winner of a roll-off places one of their objectives first, alternating between players until all objective markers have been placed.  Each player must place one of their objective markers in their own deployment zone.  The other objective marker must be placed in the No-Man's Land outside both deployment zones.  Objective markers must be placed more than 6" from any table edge, and no closer than 18" from another objective marker.

Controlling Objective Markers:
To control an objective, you must have a scoring unit within 3" of the center of the objective marker, and no enemy units within 3" of the center of the marker.

Game Length:
Games will last a random number of turns.  After the 5th turn, roll a die.  On the roll of 3+, play turn 6.  After the 6th turn, roll a die.  On the roll of 4+, play turn 7.  The game will last no more than 7 turns.

Each mission will give a player two objectives that he must achieve (not necessarily the objective markers)Each player may not have the same two objectives as his opponent.  This will be determined at the beginning of each game.  Each player will roll a die, and determine which two objectives will be theirs for that game.

Victory Conditions:
If one player completes all their objectives while the opposing player has achieved half or none of theirs, then the game is a major victory.  If one side completes half of their objectives while the opposing player has achieved none of theirs, then the game is a minor victory.  If both players have achieved either all, half, or none of their objectives, then the game is a draw.  A major victory will award the victor 10 battle points, while awarding the defeated player 0 battle points.  A minor victory will award the victor 7 battle points, while awarding the defeated player 3 battle points.  A draw will award both players 5 battle points.  Tabling your opponent will NOT give you an automatic major victory.  You must still achieve enough of your objectives to qualify for a major victory.

Prize Support:
Prizes will be awarded to the following players:
  • Best General-the player with the highest number of battle points.
  • Best Army Appearance-the player with the highest appearance score.
  • Best Sportsman-the player who is voted most fun to play by his opponents
  • The 3 players with the highest combined scores will also be awarded prizes.  Each category will be weighed equally when determining the overall score.
  • Random prizes will be given away also, and will be determined by the number of attendees. 


  1. Any special rules regarding force organization and/or special characters?

  2. @Anonymous: No restrictions. There are no Comp requirements, and no Comp scoring. If it's legal in your Codex, you're free to bring it.

  3. Is it alright to bring an army that isn't fully painted?

  4. @anonymous: feel free to bring unprinted models to play with. Your army appearance and overall scores will suffer, but if you just want to come out and have fun or compete for Best General, you are more than welcome to join us.

  5. I'm in. I'll be bringing Imperial Guard. I don't know where to sign up but I figured this was as good as any.