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Saturday, October 8, 2011

upcoming indy40k event - 500 point Combat Patrol tournament

What: 500 point Combat Patrol tournament

When:  Saturday, November 5th, 2011.

Where:  Game Preserve - South
               1551 East Stop 12 Road
               Indianapolis, IN 46227
               (317) 881-4263

More Info: 
jRock will be the TO for this event, and you can register by sending an email to:

-Army is to be made up of no more than 500 points.

-FOC requirements are as follows: 0-1 HQ, 1-6 TROOPS, 0-1 Elite, 0-1 Fast Attack, 0-1 Heavy Support.
-No 2+ Saves (armor or invulnerable)
-No model (other than a Troops Choice from the standard FOC ) may have more than 2 Wounds. This includes units that are "unlocked" as troops (ie. Tervigon)
-Vehicles may have nothing higher than an added armor of 33 (adding front, side, and rear values).
-No Special Characters (Regardless if they are ‘unique’ or not. If in doubt, leave ‘em out)
-No psychic powers may be used (you may take a psycher, though, if you wish).
-No ordinance weapons
-No invulnerable saves (unless the model has no armor save (i.e. Daemons).

All models should adhere to the WYSIWG standards.  If a model has a piece of wargear/weaponry, that wargear/weapon should  appear on the model.  Models that do not meet this requirement may be removed or replaced at the TO's discretion.  If you have any questions about this, please ask.


-Your army needs a “Leader”. If you have an HQ choice, it is your “leader”. If you do not have an HQ choice in your force, nominate the model with the highest Leadership value to be your “Leader”.


2 points per win

1 point per tie

0 points per loss

1 point for bonus objective


Best General – Highest battle score - $50

2nd- $30

3rd- $20

Best Strategist – Most Bonus Objectives - $50

Favorite Army – Player’s Choice by Voting (painting, theme, etc) - $30

2nd - $20

T.O. will vote in the event of a tie

If there are ties for any of the battle awards, tie breaker for Best General is Bonus objectives, tie breaker for bonus objectives is battle scores.

Please bring the following with you:
  • A printed copy of your army list for yourself, the TO, and each of your opponents.
  • Your rulebook and codex.
  • Any FAQs that may pertain to your army.'
  • Any necessary dice, tape measures, templates, etc. 


Each round will be one hour long. Gaming surfaces will be divided into a 4x4 square playing area; the remainder may be used for dice, templates, and the “dead pile”. All games are 6 rounds.


            Registration 9:30-10:30

            Game 1: 10:30-11:30

            Lunch and Player’s Choice Voting: 11:30-12:30

            Game 2: 12:30-1:30

            Game 3: 1:45-2:45

            Break : 3:00-3:15

            Game 4: 3:30-4:30

Game 5: 4:45-5:45


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