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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Product Review - Best Paint Storage Option? Acrylic nail polish rack

I've been looking for a better storage solution for my paints since redoing my hobby room. I've had too many paints for the small racks or boxes for quite a while now, and wanted something that didn't take up very much space and could hold a lot of paint (and wasn't too expensive). I had seen a lot of interesting options from various companies, but they all either took up too much space or were too expensive to hold the amount of paint that I had. Someone recommended getting a nail polish rack. I had never considered that, but took a look on Amazon and found several good options.

I opted for this rack that was 24" tall and had six shelves for storage. It was around $30 with free shipping. Each shelf had a lip on it to help keep the paint (or nail polish) on the rack. It's 2" deep (about 5.5 cm), so it takes up very little table space. The rack is made of a pretty solid acrylic. I wouldn't want to drop it on the floor, but it feels like it will stand up to the stress of having paint taken off and put on it. 

The rack comes with mounting hardware to attach it to the wall. This was quick and easy with a 15/32 drill bit. Then, I got about organizing my paints (ugh)

This thing holds a LOT of paint. I use dropper bottle paints mostly, from Vallejo, Reaper, Scale75, and also Minitaire from Badger.  The paint pots that Games Workshop can be stacked two high, but the P3 paint pots can not. Larger bottles like the Stynlrez or Apple Barrel will only fit on the top shelf. I fit 130 pots of paint on this shelf and quickly realized that I'm going to need to get another one, as there are more paints not pictured here that I also need to store. 

I really like how little space this shelf takes on my painting desk, and it keeps all my paints right at my fingertips.  Go here to check out this rack.

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